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Tips for Online Banking

In recent years, internet banking has become a very convenient way to purchase financial services. With the increasing use of the internet, more and more banks use the internet to provide products and services or to improve communication with existing customers of ncsecu login.

Here are tips for customers considering banking on the Internet:

1. Read important information about the bank published on your website. A brief history of the bank, FDIC officially reads from the address, address and bank's website, about our section for coverage.

2. Protect yourself against fraudsters websites. Avoid representing the websites using real financial institutions such as a name or web address. It is designed to give tricks to give potential customers personal information, such as the number and password of your account. Before making a transaction, make sure that you enter the correct website address of your bank.

3. Check the insurance status of the bank. Bank insurance is known by the FDIC logo or name or "FDIC insurance search site for word" "to verify member of status FDIC". Internet users can also check the online database of FDIC insurance organizations.

4. For insurance reasons, a bank can use different names for its online and traditional services. Your deposit with the original bank is added together on the website and insured up to the maximum amount covered by the bank.

5. The deposits made by FDIC insured companies are protected by FDIC.

6. Many times, chartered banks abroad have not received insurance from FDIC. If you choose a chartered bank abroad, then it should be noted that FDIC can not insure your deposit amount.

Since July 2001, banks should provide a copy of their privacy policy to their customers, whether it is online or offline business. Customers can know what information consumers share with their customers and whether they share it with other companies.

It is important to know that the internet is a public network. Visit the bank's website for security information or contact the bank. Also learn about site safety features, including:

1. Encryption: Private information encryption to prevent unauthorized access.

2. Password or Personal Identification Number (PIN): Used when accessing online account. Choose a unique password for yourself and consider changing it regularly.

Some banks may offer links to dealers, retailers, travel agents and other websites. Please note that there is no FDIC insurance on the non-official website linked to your bank's website. The products and services of this company will not be insured by the FDIC and your bank can not guarantee products and services. Before making any transaction, make sure that you are familiar with the reputation of a company and you will never issue a credit card or debit card number without applying the transaction.

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